Tuesday, September 1, 2009

10 things in 101 days

Ive been intrigued to find a couple of landscape architects on blogger, who have set themselves the task of completing a list of things, a long LONG list of things! These are, I gather, things they aspire to, that they have always wanted to do, things perhaps that inspire them. Katrine, of 'My Feet Move Forwards', and Victoria, 'Being Me' both  have these interesting lists in the margins of their blogs, and I wonder how they go about squeezing these things into the margins of their lives. It hard sometimes to maintain enthiusiasm in the face of a list, but it looks like they are doing bloody well so far.  It appeals to my sense of order to catalogue the things I'd like to do. But to be honest, it also wearies me somewhat to imagine 101 things! It must be the difference between being 24 and 40!

Reading their lists leaves me wondering what it is that inspires me now? What is there that I aspire to? As I review their lists, these are things that I have been doing, and loved doing over the last 10 years combining motherhood with old and new careers, and a reignited interest in the making things with my hands, and a new keen interest in gardening, bushwalking and yoga.

I love the idea of joining the 101 things crusade, but I guess I want a mini list, with more immediate results!
So I will make a list of 10 things, in 101 days. But I will consider these things most carefully and borrow one idea from each of their lists, as a thank you!

1. Walk the Overland Track (Thank you Katrine!... I havent walked the whole thing yet, and am now confirming plans to do this in November)

2. Cook something new once per month (I might make this once per week) Thanks Victoria!

3. Continue the pilates training, daily. Focusing on core strength and begining to re-integrate my yoga routine.

4. Start my weekly walking once again.

5. Floss (lol! I always seem to rush my teeth, but I really want to avoid expensive dental visits)

6. Laugh more

7. Be open to new friendships, and try not to worry too much if they all dont quite work out the way you imagine they may 

8. Be open to the idea of a whole new career!

9. Listen to my students...actively listen.

10. Plant some seeds for summer veggie crops

I might even revise my list tomorrow, before putting it in the margin to keep my mind on the things im working towards, but this is a start. Oh, and I guess I made the executive decision to count laughter, listening and preparedness as a 'thing': a thing need not be a physical outcome I reckon...


  1. grea idea. 101 looke dlike a mega task! My fave is no 8. , so liberating!

  2. oooo you found victoria! we work together :)

    i really like how you've changed the concept to suit you.

    i think the margins of my life are actually quite large so i don't find the list very daunting ...

    i also don't really mind if i don't do all of the things in time. which isn't to say i don't plan on doing them all, just that i wouldn't be upset with myself if it dosen't work out...

  3. Katrine...I so envy a life with wide margins :-). I think it must be having kids that keeps me thinking that there is not alot of room for all the new things Id like to try. But this is only a state of mind, there is always more ease at the edges than you think! Great that you dont put pressure on your self to 'complete' the list. thats the trick to these kind of lists i reckon.

    Kel,yeah....im considering a masters of education, osteopathy, working at the gym, a 'drive-though' architecture workshop (with a menu of services)... i wanna reduce the elitism my profession clings too... and being a developer, for low cost housing. and who knows there might be something elese around the corner too?

  4. a divergent list! love the drive thru accessible architecture idea! saves alot of retraining and could couple with developer well... sweet!