Thursday, September 3, 2009

Bottled water?

Hilarious that they need to go to so much trouble to sell bottled water these days.


  1. It's not just the selling of it, it's the getting of it that's causing problems for small, rural communities.

    Water bottlers like Nestle (Poland Spring, Arrowhead, and a bunch of others) are tearing up small communities in their search for "spring" water to bottle.

    There are costs to bottled water far beyond the sizable energy investment in the bottles and transportation.

    Thanks for bringing up the issue.

  2. Hi there StopNestleWaters. Yes. There was a whole conversation up there in my somewhat flippant blogpost that I neglected to have! Thank you for filling in the dots. While the ad is 'cute', and gets us laughing, Im just surprised that people still buy water, in the face of so much information now about food miles, the need for carbon emmision reduction, not to mention the waste these bottles produce, and the fact that they leach BPA's into the 'healthy stuff' you are meant to enjoy drinking. Thanks for pointing out that 'harvesting' water is a human rights issue too.