Monday, March 30, 2009

Picnic Heaven

Only one and a half hours into a hill-walk and we arrived at the gloriously named "plains of heaven", on the summit of Ben Lomand.

A feast for hungry walker; a shared meal, thoroughly and happily scoffed by 5 happy souls on a sunny day.

Strawberries, dates and peaches: Brought by my new friends R and M. Just married, they are living proof that love exists after 60. We kept expecting them to sneak off behind the bushes...

Lots of Tassie cheeses, oat cakes home made Anzac's and biscuits: My sister and I amassed a small treasure trove of cheeses. A Heidi Raclette, Meredith Dairy Goats cheese with dill, and a stinky blue. Tasty stuff!

Homous, mountain bread, grapes and Italian Chocky: A young Sydney vet, new to Launceston and weekend walking., added her offerings to the group meal.

We were all thoroughly stuffed, and satisfied that the caloric intake was well compensated for by the climb to such heavenly altitudes.


  1. ooooohhh the outdoors!
    I so miss it.
    will recover it soon!

  2. mee too! havent been out there for a while it seems. what a lovely day!

  3. gotta get you guys out into a bit of Tassie Heaven!