Friday, April 3, 2009

Another Thursday walk

With the intention of another climb up Mount Arthur and perhaps this time to the summit, my friend M and I drove to Lillydale, just 20 minutes North of Launceston. On the approach to the Mountain, we found a for sale sign, parked, and wandered into the most breathtakingly pituresque piece of land. Rolling pastures replete with fluffy white sheep, distance views of the town of Lillydale, and the reassuring presence of the Mountain behind us.

This could be home.

A picnic was had (again!) and in the softly falling rain, a little piece of my heart was captured by this land.


  1. this could be home?? hmm, tassie certainly has got ya! i shall keep my ears and eyes peeled!

  2. Unfortunately the land is a bit too expensive for us right now... we would have to sell something in SA first...