Monday, April 20, 2009

Last peach crop

There's an excess of fruit in the Tamar valley right now, and our garden is no exception. Apples are dripping from sagging trees, birds are swarming over the ripening figs, and we just happened to find a peach tree groaning under the weight of 20kg of fruit in the far corner of the garden, most of which we have given away.
I did keep some fruit for eating, and about 1 kg for this fantastic Byron Bay Chutney, which is really meant to have nectarines as its base fruit, but seems to work really well with peaches too. Its got a couple of big red chill is, seeds and all, 500gm raisins, 250kg glace ginger, 1kg sugar, 700ml vinegar, and, well that's about it. Chuck it in a wide based pan, stir regularly for 2 hours, and plop into jars to cool.

Its fabbo!

Thanks mum for the inspiration!


  1. god i love free food! lol. the chutney looks great. today im getting the years supply of jam ready and pickling figs. if you want the fig recipe i can forward it to you. its superb, great with meat n cheese andmore sweet than pickled. maaggie beer recipe.

  2. Sounds like a great chutney recipe, might just have to pick up some late season peaches or necta's.

    Kel, I love pickled figs...did some a few years ago, had friends with a prolific tree (great friends to have). You are right, great with meat & cheese...I love them on an antipasto platter.

    Which Maggie book is it in..??

  3. I am thinking we might have to come earlier to Tassie so that we can taste all the goodies you are preparing! Why come the day before the walk and miss out? Unless you are taking some nice bits up the mountain?

  4. Food posts are always so popular!

    Kel: Thanks, love the pickled fig recipe...but im eating the ripe figs at a great rate of knots, so may not have enough for jam and pickling! But i miay just have to kerb my gluttony!

    Hi Kerrie: It's a good 'un + im not proficient at these things yet...just a novice. It was easy for me and rewarding for all

    Ana: Dont worry, Ive squirreled away a couple of jars of this for eating when we get back after the winter walk... unless you want to carry a jar up Cradle? :-)