Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Bloggin' Mojo

Well Ive lost it: perhaps I should rephrase that... I felt I'd lost it, but now its back again. I hope.
There is a discipline to writing every day (or every other day) that has eluded me of late. trying to think of something worthy of a post--post worthy--every day of the week is a challenge. I like the IDEA of this discipline, but when faced with the choice of writing, or flipping out my yoga mat in the spare moments of my day, then I have most often chosen the more physical pursuit. The yoga has been good!

And so, why the change of heart? Perhaps it is discipline I need. perhaps some sense of mapping the course of a day, week, month is beneficial to me in charting a future course?

So i shall set sail and head out to sea once more and attempt an every-other-day post ( I cant quite commit to the idea of posting every single day, as I know that there are times that I just dont bloody feel like it. ANd why should one be a slave to the blogosphere.... I cant promise an ocean of witty, informative and/or poetic offerings, but will attempt to fish through the thoughts of the day to find some salt (crusty?) distillations.

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