Thursday, July 23, 2009

5 Things that drive me crazy about each of my lovely girls!!!

OK: its 4pm and we have come home from the school pickup and I'm tired after a day of working, and my kids are tired from their days, so we have the difficult stuff ahead of us: negotiating the needs of 3 tired people and the dinner bath bed routine before Dad gets home.This is the stuff of everyday life, ands its going on in households everywhere as I write this. Its times like these when I kinda find it difficult to remember all the things I love about my kids. Its times like these when I need to re-read my posts, and refresh my memory a little, cos right now I'm being driven bonkers by the least appealing aspects of my children's behaviours. Its times like these, I need a reality check! So heres an appraisal of the least appealing things about the lovely Miss E:
1. Your grumpiness!! When you are tired, you find it difficult to lift yourself out of the murky mood you are in. Your 'stare of great disapproval' is a worry to me, as its defiance and gloom are difficult for me to deflect when I am not in the mood to 'laugh it off'.
2. This mood can last forever on evenings like this
3. Listening. I can ask you to do something, and you can stare at me in the face, and not take in any of the information I am giving you... arggghhh.
4. Neglectfulness and Forgetfulness: Ditto above, with the distinction that know you know what I have asked you to do, but I get ignored, or the task simply forgotten, on your way to the next thing on your agenda
5. Messiness.

And Miss S. I adore you completely, but:

1. Hanging off my arm when I am trying to write is amazingly annoying. There are times when I just want a few moments to myself, and this reliance on me for amusement is frustrating.

2. When you tell me that you are "hungry" just when a meal has been packed away and the benches wiped down is particularly frustrating. I know this is a call for attention rather than food most of the time, but perpetually making you little snacks is really not OK. If you ate your dinner/lunch breakfast, then Im sure you wouldnt need so many wee meals.

3. Your need to have me supervise your getting dressed, when I know you can do it yourself.

4. You stuff dirty clothes back into the cupboard when I ask you to clean up the floor. Arrrgghhh!

5. Why does everything need to be pink????


  1. haha- I love how these are half of the things you love AND how many of these things they will just grow out of!
    I am very tired today but luckily Luna helped me make dinner and they are in an ok mood- so no clashes! It will happen more and more often to you too as they grow up!

  2. hehe. hehe. hehe. i vote miss e's shoulder slump my most favourite ever kid posture. it makes me smile.