Wednesday, July 22, 2009

cutting it: taking cuttings from fruit trees

I have a Mum who not only has green thumbs, but all her fingers are green as well. Or maybe she has green arms, legs, toes... the whole kit-and-kaboodle. She is champion of things green.

So Mum, if your reading this, I need some help right about now! I have taken some cuttings from the magnificent and abundant fig tree that has served so well in providing delicious produce over summer and autumn, in the hope that I can strike them into new wee trees. We may well move after the next harvest, and I would love to have a viable version of this fig in my new garden, where-ever that may be.

I used the sharpest secateurs and cut just below a growth node (ummm....what did you call this again?) trying to keep each piece about 15-20cm long. I just have wiped the sap from the cut, as I dont have any fresh aloe to coat the cut. Would paw-paw ointment do?

So, here are some cuttings that I have wrapped in damp news paper. Just 6 of them. I'll pot them in sandy potting mix tomorrow, water them once, put them on the sunny side of the house with a bag over the pot and see what Spring brings.

Let me know if any of these cuttings look crap, and i'll not bother planting them.


  1. I'm not your mum, sorry to butt in, but make sure you have not only new growth, but also last year's growth. Can't really judge from the pictures. As long as you have some 'old' growth, you'll be fine. I usually don't even bother with any ointments, just stick them into good potting mix. Good luck! :)

  2. Hey, thanks Veggie. I should have remembered you have some expertise in this area! Feel free to butt in anytime, Im open to gardeneing advice as my thumbs are only pale green!