Thursday, February 5, 2009

Fig Jam recipe

Ive been on a bit of a jam drivelately as the fruit is just dripping off the trees where I live. The last 3 kgs of figs fully ripened in the few days we had of 35 degree weather, so it was another all systems go, get down and jam it, jam day. Heres the recipe, which im getting some great feedback on. Its an adaption of a David Pascoe recipe, which a quick search a-la-Google provided.

1 kg. of figs
750 gm. of sugar (I used soft brown sugar which tastes extra caramelly)
6 cloves and 6 cardamon pods
1 cinnamon stick
juice of 1 a lemon
zest from lemon rind

Weigh the figs after topping.
Determine the proportional amount of sugar required.

Mash or cut figs into chunks, you can choose how chunky you want your jam to be.
Ripe fig skin will soften nicely while boiling.
Add spices, lemon juice and rind.
Cover with sugar and allow to sit for 2 hours. (actually I didnt bother to do this and ts seemd fine)
Slowly bring the mixture to the boil over 15-20 minutes. Slowly boil for 1 hour. Cool and slowly boil for 15 minutes the next day. Cool.
Pour into air tight container that has been scorched with boiling water. Refrigerate.

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