Thursday, January 22, 2009

Fig Jam?

I love it!

My sister Squizardo has put in a special request for the stuff, so considering that she has crossed the globe to see us, dragging her UK squeeze (yes, her partner, but also a great 80's band) with her, then the least I can do is cook up a little of her favourite jam!
Squiz, if you are reading this, its looking thick and deeply purple and incredibly sticky in the pot at the moment. The smell is amazing, and I will do my best not to eat it all before you arrive! xx


  1. ohh yum. i LOVE figs and i LOVE fig jam, bit of a waste of fresh figs, but they do only seem to be at their best for a few days, so ya gotta do what ya gotta do...a bit of ginger in fig jam is good too...

  2. Ooooo.... i like the ginger idea Kel. I'll add a bit.
    We had a ranging wind storm today, so about a kilo of figs flew to the ground prematurely. I found a very fat blackbird gorging on a few and promptly set the cat on it, grabbed the figs and plopped them in the cooking pot.

  3. Are you telling me you have already figs ripening!? I'm slightly envious. Nah, I'm really envious. What variety of fig tree would that be?
    I also like to add a bit of cinnamon to my fig jam.

  4. Hi Veggie, I just noticed your comment! Yup, we ar fact thats just the first crop for the summer, and the second crop is coming on and looks more productive than the first).
    Im not sure of the variety. Ill ask my mum, shs a bit of a botanist. Having had a bit of a Google, it might be:
    Black Mission (Beers Black, Franciscan, Mission)
    Origin Balearic Islands. Fruits all-over black purple, elongated, Flesh watermelon to pink, fairly good taste. Easily dried at home. Single best all-round variety for south, north, coast, interior. Brebas prolific, fairly rich. Tree very large, plant at maximum spacing. Do not prune after tree reaches maturity. Commences growth midseason. (source: