Monday, January 26, 2009

Happy Chinese New Year!

Usually Chinese New year is much later in February, but the vagaries of the lunar calendar means that the celebration begins this year on the same day we celebrate the birth of White Australia.
Steve (my husband) is an Malaysian Chinese bloke, by birth, but has lived in this country for more than half of his life. He reckons that the fact that Australia day falls on the first day of Chinese New Year cancels out the joy of Chinese NY for him. Kinda depressing really. When pressed, he admitted that he is so despairing of the attitude of many white Australians towards people of another colour that he thinks its not possible for him to contemplate NY festivities.
I would like my children to be able to be proud of being both Australian and Chinese, so I suggested we make noodles (traditional for the first day of Chinese NY, especially on the eve) and share them together as a family and talk about both cultures. We had a low key day, without fire-crackers, dancing dragons and extended family, but we did share a lovely meal under the wisteria in the divine Australian sunshine!

Happy New year of the Ox to you all , and happy Australia day!

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  1. Sorry to hear that Steve was feeling despairing...but it's also good to hear how he feels about it...thanks Steve... (presuming you know you've been quoted!)...I wonder if that is more of a feeling for Steve in a smaller town...whether the racism is more at the surface? I Imagine for the Aboriginal families here in Coona that it might not be such a happy day for them either.
    Anyway, your family lunch sounded like a great thing to do together, but I can imagine you all missed the yum cha...I did...!
    Happy New Year to all youse over there...may consciousness grow, may all beings be happy and be able to transcend their discriminating minds...