Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Corny question

Does anyone know how to tell if corn is ripe?

I have about 30 ears on 20 plants, and they seem big enough to be ripe. The tufts at the top of the ears have turned a bit brown, but i dont want to pick em if they are not really done yet.



  1. sorry you don't know me but I was just browsing through blogs and saw your question...
    If you feel the ears and they feel empty or loose then they are not ready if they feel full and the top feels round then they are ready to pick

  2. ummm...the ear on the corn has tendrils which come out and they are silky until ripe, then they brown off...viola, ripe corn

  3. Could you not have a little peek?

  4. Thanks, everyone. I shall venture into the veggie patch and check corn silk, squeeze and peek within. I think I might just pick one if it seems to pass the above tests.

    Ronnie, thank you for your reply. Its always good to know a few people out there are reading your blog, and happy enough to post a comment.

  5. You could always squeeze one kernel and taste it. If it is sweet - pick it! Don't wait. :) Then send some over to me. Nothing beats home-grown sweet corn. Your haul looks fantastic! :)