Friday, January 16, 2009

Friday Haiku: Jet-set

Jump start girly dreams
In a pink-hard plastic shell
Feminism's nightmare!


  1. Thanks for your visit to my part of the Blogworld. Am guessing you came via Kel's blog.

    You live in one of my favourite parts of the universe...Tasmania is very dear to my heart. I spent 6 months there on an extended holiday, just needed respite from the Mainland for a bit to recharge. I can see my partner and I retiring down your day...

    Will bookmark your blog and return, hope that's okay.



  2. Lovely to have you visit, Kerrie. Yep, I flew in via Kel's blog. Kel and I go way back to...gosh... we shared a boyfriend when we were 15 (unknowingly!) The good thing is we are still friends and the boy is long forgotten.

    My partner and I moved to Launceston about 7 months ago, and are enjoying exploring the apple isle. I'm just itching to get back out into the mountains with my new chrissy pressent: a 3 person alpine tent!!!
    Bookmark, follow, comment as you wish. I've decided i do like writing for an audience :)

  3. I was thinking on something clever to say but I just feel content after exercise, sweaty and with a heart wanting to be filled with nice thoughts. Love you! It is fun to read your thoughts!