Sunday, January 18, 2009


Saturdays are funny days. We are never sure why, but the combination of energies in the house always seems to be tense. Someone gets cross, has a tanty, and slams a few doors usually by noon. Perhaps its as the
kids are more antsy, ready to get into the weekend activities, or maybe its the fact that Mum and Dad want that illusive thing, a good sleep in, and when we don't get it we get grumpy.

So it was great to break the pattern, and head out the door at 9am and drive up the road to George-town. At the top end of the Tamar River, and about 45 minutes from Launceston, George-town is small historic village. Settled in 1804, it has some incredible original buildings, and the pub is the best kind wearing a couple of lacy verandahs like skirts. The Tamar folk festival visits the village once a year and we arrived just as the Street party started. It was a homely affair with town-folk meandering the main street, gathering to listen to singers, guitar players and watch impromptu Morris Dance performances.
Just outside a cafe this little troupe set up with a cello, washboard, guitar and ukulele. They had the whole street singing 'Swing-Low-Sweet Chariot'. My two girls were a little embarrassed, but joined in with the last chorus!

Its good to break those shitty routines!

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  1. cool.sounds great. i do love catching up with your days like this!