Monday, January 19, 2009

Figs and other fruity things

The fig tree is ripe and laden with big fat black figs! (This photo doesnt do them justice, as the fig here wasnt nearly as ripe as it should have been)

My friend Ana turned up with her two boys, a tub of plums, lemons and apricots and I was more than happy to share a few figs with her in exchange. Nothing like a summer fruit swap, replete with kids to help out with harvesting.
It was a hot day for Tasmania, maybe 29 degrees or so, and the whole gang of 4 kids and the mums headed up the road to feed a miniature pony we feel somewhat related to, and race around Mary and Roger's magical bush garden while being chased by the cantering wee horse. Hilarious! It was hard to let a few unpleasant work calls on my mobile dampen the fun.
Back in our garden the kids continued the mad race around our garden, which ended in a few tumbles from Scooters (Finn and Simone) , a nose bleed and tears(Evie), a vomit (Evie again), and even an allergic reaction to the horse hair by one of the visiting boys (Darcey). Nothing like raging excitement to have everyone falling in a heap at the end.


  1. Mouthwatering...can you post a pic sometime (on Flickr maybe?) that shows how big these beauties are?

  2. Oh divine, what a lovely day you have had. I just adore figs. When I was a child I used to stay with my great aunt & uncle on the school holidays in South Caulfield (Victoria). They had the hugest fig tree in the middle of their back yard...leaves bigger than my whole head.... I used t get lost in the leaves.

    My Aunt made the best fig & ginger jam and great scones to have it with...yum.

    Thanks for that memory jog...I had almost forgotten.