Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Potaroo Exclosure

ARRRRGHHH! I'm under attack!

Found this morning at 7am: 2 juvenile potaroos
Crime: chowing down on my lettuces.
Punishment: banished forever from my 30m2 of productive patch ... ;)

I really do like the little guys, and I still really don't mind sharing the garden with them. I had hoped to be able to exclude them from just a small area of productive veggie patch, and leave them the rest of the garden to munch on. They seem to like the roses and are great at keeping the lawn under control. Cute too, but not so cute when they eat your entire crop of mustard greens, chard, choy-sum, oak leaf and butter lettuce. These guys have specialised tastes in greens it seems. I should just confess that this image was taken in spring, before i planted out the seedlings, but apart from my corn and a couple of zucchini bushes, its looking pretty similarly barren. Bugger!

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  1. I think you should share some ideas on animal control with Nico, who has had a continuous 2 year battle with the ducks! No ducks for 1 month now! Although your exclosure is looking good!

  2. When Dennis set up his market garden at Crystal Waters (Qld) he spent a lot of money on 6ft high fences, dug about 30 cms into the ground to keep out the leaping kangas, wallabies and to stop the digging of bandicoots, echidnas, wombats and brush turkeys!
    Can you see where they're getting in? It's very frustrating, I know, having been through a battle with the resident Lot 31 echidna...they don't seem to know the word "share"!