Sunday, February 8, 2009


My beautiful friends M and R have wed, and it was a marvelous thing. Intimate, considered, and most of all simple, this was a great day. A great wedding! (Actually I have never been to a wedding wasnt wasn't great, as they are all special and personal in their own way, so perhaps every wedding deserves a few extra epithets... an effusive and happy wrap!

But I reckon this one was extra special, as M and R are both over 60, have lead full lives (she and artist and he an academic), and have loved deeply and been loved before. There are 6 daughters between them, although none were present. They wanted this to be a wedding just for their close friends (and we feel chuffed to be counted amoung them) as the complications of a few blended families made it tricky, well perhaps impossible to invite everyone, but also as they had done the 'big white wedding' deal before; they wanted this to be a more private celebration without pomp and ceremony, beyond the basic and beautiful exchange of simple vows, rings, and the all important kiss.

After aquiring her shiny new wedding band, M dunked it unceremoniously into the sink and scrubbed potates to eat for lunch: joking that the ring needed to be christened. This is no ordinary bride! While R prepared the table for lunch and refreshed glasses with Tassie champers , the guests got to know one another, and their connections to the happy couple were shared. Friends, and family were soon lazing about on couches after dining on smoked fish and veggies, while the family dogs were lolling about on the floor, woofing up the crumbs!

A lovely afternoon!

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