Monday, February 9, 2009

Thai Yoga Massage

Ive had a house guest for the last 5 days. She's been studying an ancient form of massage: Thai Yoga massage, and I have been her guinea pig. A completely willing subject, I found no problems at all in being gently moved about between basic Hatha Asanas (postures). How delightful! All the benefits of yoga without the sweat, and more besides. Apparently this form of massages works on the 'Sen' lines, I think they are a bit like meridians, but its pretty powerful stuff.

I found myself (after 3x 1.5 hr massages over the last 3 nights) feeling not physically tested so much as emotionally opened. Yesterday I was close to tears most of the time, and this is not even my time of the month. I think this kind, or perhaps any kind of bodywork like this, brings the stuff one hasn't been dealing with terribly well to the surface! People tell me this is a good thing, but at the time it feels pretty raw.

If you want to have a look at some Thai yoga massage, have a browse through u-tube:


  1. I just watched the U tube clip - made me very envious that you got 4.5 hours of it! Looks great. I do know what you mean about the bodywork bringing up stuff (I agree, just about any bodywork will do it- especially when you have sessions close together and perhaps also when you are already "ready" for it) - I guess only you can say whether it ultimately makes you feel more at peace...

  2. was a good thing to watch myself feeling things that needed to be dealt with. i have felt much relieved since. and yes, thats the word, more peaceful.
    i want to learn how to massage this way, asit is so good fro both the giver and receiver. a exercise, moving meditation, or maybe physical practice in loving kindness--'metta' as the gurus call it.