Friday, February 20, 2009

Cracks in the system

I am working for a dentist with an obsession about gaps. And cracks. He requires an absence of both in his picture perfect house. Its ironic that of all the projects I have managed, this project... the one that is meant to be gap free, seems to be attracting gaps and cracks at every turn. The builder, the engineer, all the consultants have worked so hard to try and deliver him perfection, only to be confronted with the reality of gaps between things, and, well, the consistency of imperfection.

I have a theory that the more anxious one is to create perfection (in anything) the greater the likelihood that impediments to this will come your way.


  1. ugh. dentists have a bit of a reputation...tell him to go get an 'adobedontist' to fix his gaps and cracks. But when youre spending all that money perhaps aesthetic perfection is something the purchaser feels entitled too. Is it not unusual in clients or do most just run with it???

  2. Fair comment... but try getting aesthetic perfection out of the Australian building industry! It aint easy. Also, materials are not perfect, they move with heat and 'coolth'. One can create 'tolerance' or a designed space for this movement to occur in materials, and where they join, but its impossible to dictate tolerance in clients! But you are right, it is a fair enough expectation that things will be fabulous rather than flawed when you move into a very exxxy new home.

  3. Oh Jen, there is something really funny about the analogy you make between dental cracks and floor cracks. I would have never thought about this at all! Definitely something that a dentist would pick on. Bummer!!