Tuesday, February 3, 2009

The Favourite Building

A bonus question: Offered as part of a Blogger Interview. Kel's final question cannot remain unanswered as its particularly thought provoking. This is a difficult thing: to isolate one building, among so many that is so fantastic I would love to be its author!
(spare question) As an architect, which well known building thats not yours would you most be willing to put your name to, or love to claim as your own?

Not much to look at perhaps, but this shearing shed near Wagga Wagga in rural australia I respect for its integrity, environmental commitment, and its expression of a contemporary Australian vernacular.

In the architects own words:

The Australian Shearing Shed has undergone marginal change throughout the history of its evolution. Sheep movement has been constantly refined; the shed was lifted to provide for undercover sheep storage and the shearing board was raised to ease the passage of wool to the classing table. In some areas technology has also contributed to the more efficient management of shed techniques. But fundamentally the shed as a building has become less decorative and more direct. Deepwater Shearing Shed has moved toward the integration and resolution of current concerns and functional requirements for such a building.

Another jury Citation, here.

More and more I appreciate the work of architects less and less. I'm finding myself drawn to projects that have a signficant public component, that are egalitarian, in the sense that the design can be appreciated by the public, not just enjoyed by the elite. So much of architecture is commissioned privately and commercially which makes the end product exclusive, unattainable by so many.

Im also loving projecs that use natural resources wisely.


  1. Such an interesting comment, as I did not think that is how you felt at all! It suits you to think like this but I guess that your latest very amazingly beautiful couple of projects gave me the wrong idea on your feelings about architecture...

  2. I really wanted to anser this question that Kel put to me as Im changing my mind about the kind of work Im doing! I actually really not enjoying the high-end residential market. Having done a couple of these projects now, Im more sure that its not for me. Its an evolving ideology, probably these feelings began when I first started working/teaching with Jasmine Palmer (enviro and sustainability architectural guru at UniSA)

  3. wowowee!!! i love blogging! LOL i love the shed, very aussie and very simple. Like annuska i was a little surprised...just goes to show.