Wednesday, February 25, 2009

magic forest

A stolen day; the first day EVER I have had both children in school and no work to do (well, nothing that cant be put off until tomorrow!) and a plan to walk up Mount Arthur. My artist friend M shares a love of mountains, and alpine forests, so convincing her to come with me was not hard at all. Soft footfalls on the spongy forest floor, our echo less voices lost in the tangle of trees, filtered sunlight highlighting the profile of moss covered rocks that look like ancient turtles sleeping. Its hard not to be reverent in a forest such as this. And this is one of your newer forests (we think maybe it was logged 100 years ago, and has regrown?) Only the occasional tree over 80 meteres high.

After an hour and a half of steady climbing, a short steep struggle up boulders discarded by some playful giant, brings us up above the forest canopy and into the cloud line.


  1. So nice to get to do that. And so good to haev the opportunity to do it and actually take it without guilt. I used to do that as a student and it was great, although N made me feel too guilty then. I think now he would understand.

  2. What a lovely way to spend a day! You are so lucky you live so close to such a beautifil place. Cheers,Tricia