Saturday, February 21, 2009

Plastic cup?

Dining out in Tassie is always a bit of a hit and miss affair. My hubby and I are FOODIES....yes siree, we like good food and we have been spoilt by living in Adelaide for many years where the reliability of restaurants is a given. You can be confident in Adelaide that if you spend $50 a head on food you are in for a pretty lovely dining experience, at a large number of establishments. Not so here in Tassie.

S and I had a belated valentines trip away to the east coast of this heart shaped isle, and spent the night in a rather lovely The view from the dining room is lovely: splendid even. But the food was a bit like my palette was staring at a neighbour's beige colourbond fence. Tasteless Sushi, poorly sliced sashimi, woeful tempura: and this was from a specialist Japanese restaurant charging much more than Adelaide's equivalent establishments.
For me, the saddest moment came when I asked for a glass of water, and the waitress suggested that I should get my own from a water cooler in the far corner. OK. I can do that. But when I looked for a glass, there were only plastic cups. I asked for a glass from the waitress (another traipse across the dining area) and she was shirty with me. Hmmm. Not only do I find a plastic cup awful to drink from (it reminds me of a dentist surgery waiting room, which is not a good thing if you read my last post!) but its totally environmentally mental too.

Wow, this post really is turning out to be a bit of a whingey rant, so I shall finish on a positive note:
Sleeping with the sound of the ocean entering my dreams, waking to the fantastic profile of cliffs below the cabins, and the morning sun shining in on the bed sheets (as well as being away with my lovely gentle and caring man) was uplifting, and restorative. Maybe there is other food for the soul worth blogging about!


  1. Yes's good look for the other blessings that abound, although ...
    I can't bear drinking water out of a plastic cup either!

    Perhaps you should simply picnic your way around your island often.

  2. Oh ick...

    I judge an eating establishment by whether or not they produce water at your table without having to ask for it. Silly perhaps..?? Over the years I have found that it's indicative of the quality of service and care offered. Those restautants/cafes that bring iced water (and GLASSES) to the table immediately after seating you get big points...the rest of the meal is usually as good.

    Lovely to wake in a beautiful place with a gentle and caring's about time we did something like that...will have to think about have inspired me.

  3. oh nice. gotta dash- out for dinner at the stirling bistro ADELAIDE NO 1 3 YEARS RUNNING! oops caps. what a shame!!!!! thank god for the view, and the bloke! glad you had a nice time, deserved id say with all those guests!

  4. Hi Sarah Lulu: I love your idea of picnicking about the island. I think we shall pick up on this philosophy for future adventures...stay tuned for next weekend's 'Walls of Jarusalem' 2 day walk! Ill keep you posted!

    Kerrie, Im with you on the water test of a fab restaurant. its great to have rellies to stay and look after the kids while we had some time together. Sometimes it feels too long between these special events...

    Have a geat meal Kel! I know you will!!!