Wednesday, July 15, 2009

yoga retreat: Bali style

During a 2 week holiday in Seminyak, Bali, I managed to fashion my very own yoga retreat. Not wanting to pay the $1000's of dollars for a 'big-name' retreat, I hunted around the internet to find a yoga school that would take me on an a casual basis. Actally it wasnt too hard to find: Bali seems to cater to the whims of the tourist particularly well, and Seminyak did not dissapoint. Staying in avilla with friends and family added another delightful dimension to the holiday. At times the house felt too full for the kind of focus that yoga demands, but there were quiet times to be found and this lovely deck was the perfect place for a few salutations and quiet stretching.
For serious yoga practice, i slipped off to Prana for fluid vinyasa inspired yoga classes, offered daily just 15 minutes walk away. Its was superb.
There is something so right about practicing yoga in a warm climate. The muscles loosen, the mind is softened by the heat of the day, and these two things create a suppleness of body and mind, just brilliant for yoga.
Its inspired me to attempt to organise a my own retreat. Yes, in beautiful Bali. The villa I was staying has all the right ingredients: gorgeous gardens, warm and friendly hosts, beautiful accomodation, and of course a small, but delighful timber platform on which to stretch, twist and relax. Organising this.... hmmm.....cant be too hard really? I already have a mini-list of friends that might be interested. Just need to find a yoga teacher (have one in mind), block out a week in the 2010 diary, book villa (not too hard...just an email) and then make some decisions about $ and so forth. Possible.... very possible.


  1. SOunds like a beautiful idea- go for it!

  2. ohh Jen..... what a wonderful idea:) I would definitely consider coming.

  3. lovely! just name your dates when you are ready!ill organise the rest...

  4. I heard on it from a friend of mine who been here some time back. the facilities sounded equally good as my recent retreat spot. I think, I should give a try.