Sunday, April 5, 2009

Small Mango

He's cute, yes, this is true. But he also chews shoes. Its hard to love a dog that chews your sandals for fun. But love him I do: he has a really sweet nature, and is keen please. Poor Mango was to be put down in the vet surgery that my sister was working at here in Launceston. The previous owners had said he was aggressive, but this is so far from the truth, its almost laughable. He might lick you to death, but that's about it!
Probably I should question the wisdom of introducing a pup into our house with two children and a yard that isn't fully and reliably fenced.
Add to this the fact that Mango is a deaf dog, and this makes it all a bit crazy. Yesterday he went missing while we were out, and we had no way to "call" him back for dinner time. Eventually, we received a call from a neighbour saying they had found our dog, and used my telephone number on the back of his tag (yes, I'm glad I managed to get a tag engraved with this critical information on the reverse!). Our biggest worries are two-fold: as he is deaf, and a bit of a Houdini-hound we are worried that he will escape our property and find his way to the highway at the top of our driveway. There are far too many trucks, and as he cant hear, well, its a bit risky to say the least. The other issue our youngest child is a bit scared of the puppy. She doesn't like being in the same room as Mango, not without her big sister around to fend off his friendly advances! We had hoped she would calm down a bit. Perhaps it would have been better to get a very young puppy, or maybe an older quiet dog. But when it comes to pet-rescue, then one doesn't really pause long to contemplate these issues.

So, I suppose we will have to take him back to the vet surgery. The vet in charge has said she wont put him down, and will take him home herself...

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  1. It is so nice you tried though!
    I have no idea how you can train a deaf dog! Can you?
    Pity the little one cannot get used, but so good that the vet will keep him and you don't have the extra moral issue of sending him to rest!