Saturday, April 11, 2009

Urban walks

This orange plate is getting a good work out, and seems to be finding a permanent home in my backpack along with regular outings at special picnic spots in and around Launceston.
This week the orange plate visited the Gorge, and Trevallyn dam. This was a suburban walk, with not a great deal to recommend it (I guess I am a fan of wilderness) apart from lovely conversation with my good friend the divine Ms M, and lunch. Smoked Tasmanian salmon, and avocado sandwiches.

My calf muscles are developing a distinctive baseball like bulge with all the hill-walking!

Ive been wondering why the walking is so RIGHT for me now: its not just the scenery or the lunch, or the search for expanding musculature (!) There is something rejuvenating in the act of covering ground, walking together. Im going through a rough patch (as some of my fellow bloggers know) and its tough for me to find a quietness of mind to practice yoga, my usual excercise choice. The physical tiredness that walking brings seems to settle my edginess. And I sleep better for it. Also there is a way of thinking that happens when my body is in motion; walking brings a special clarity to thinking. Must be all that extra oxygen!

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  1. oh jen. didnt know life was getting you down quite that way. imso sorry to hear, and yes, toure right, can beat being out there and pounding the paths for clearing the mind. its not just the oxygen but the old endorphines. love em and need more myself. take care mate. xx