Monday, August 10, 2009

Sky Claw

I submited this image to the ABC weather department as they encourage budding photographers to supply backgrounds for the weather map on the nightly news. Apparently they make a wee exhibition of the "winning" entries at the end of 2009. Not sure if they do the same on the mainland, but this budding photographer *cough* will be on ABC tonight (well, the local Tassie edition!).


  1. Jen, that's so very cool...!!!

    Bravo, bravo...!!!

    How very special.

  2. Thanks Kerrie! It was on for such a brief moment, and the funniest thing was that the weather reader stood in front of the big cloud obscuring the best bit of the image!
    Deary me :-)

  3. I love cloud photos! What a great photo! I hope you recorded the weather segment, even if it was only on for a brief moment AND obscured. Deary me, indeed!

  4. haha- typical- it was surely a man,they have no idea sometimes!
    It is a great pic! Congrats! What will you get when you win the prize?

  5. Hi Ana, it was a bloke...but then in his defence, I dont think they weather readers even have a chance to see the image they are standing in front of. Its all "blue-screen" and dropped in afterward.
    Thanks Veggie! I love cloud watching... and these were just too good not to snap. I took the photo from the car on the way back down from Cradle Mountain.