Thursday, August 13, 2009

What really happpened during afternoon naptime...

My 4 year old daughter was "sleeping" yesterday afternoon, but really she had high jacked my camera and was snapping a few special moments between Barbie and Ken. Maybe she doesn't need an afternoon sleep anymore. Bummer.


  1. hehehehe..she looks soo much like E there! and the jacket..please explain!

  2. This has been her outfit of choice for our "home days" together. she loves her jammies, and this furry jacket (which came from Luna incidentally!) teamed with 'accessories'usually sunglasses, but sometimes just lotsa necklaces

  3. Yes, we recognised the jacket-haha- it came from Ashleigh (our usual provider of clothes I would never buy but Luna loves). Kids had a nice laugh- one of those loving laughs older kids have for young ones they love and that are growing up!