Tuesday, August 4, 2009

What happened to June?

I had a bit of a break from blogging during May and June.
It was a time of lots of walking for me: physical preparation for a big winter walk timed to coincide with my 40th birthday. A few equally insane friends and family joined me for a short trek through some incredibly cold parts of Tassie, followed by some winter feasting, and some seriously lovely R&R. Heres a few photos from this time:

On the trail, the first day was so much 'up'...

the walkers...and what a motley crew we were too!

some extremely cold moments on the trail at cradle mountain

and the most rewarding sky

and a luxurious place to relax at the end of the walk

followed by the ultimate in decadence: an afternoon at the spa...mmmm


  1. Oh Jen...my heart aches palpably for Tasmania when seeing your photos.

    I used to visit 3-4 times/year and had an extended holiday there once, didn't go back to Melbourne for 7 months. My partner at the time was a pilot for Kendell Airlines (once owned by Ansett then became Regional Express - Rex) and we would often decide around lunchtime to head down for the weekend and find ourselves that same evening be cooking dinner either on, or with the mountains in our sights. We only had to pay 10% of the fare, I seem to remember a return flight costing about $25.00.

    We used to take our bikes across and do some serious cycling, the longest of our trips from Hobart to Devonport via the Central Plateau - overnight stops at New Norfolk, Bothwell, Miena & Deloraine...(actually two nights at Miena because it snowed heavily on the day we rode up the mountain, I was never so relieved to get to where I was headed that day - the fireplace at the Pub was huge and blazing).

    We must get down there again soon. My partner John got his undergrad degree in Hobart and has often said that he would love to live there again. I think we will one day...perhaps we can retire to Tassie..??

  2. Hi Jen

    well you certainly are an intrepid little traveller...not to mention fit...so I hope that you get that back rested and cured so that you can begin training for Oct.

    The sky was lovely, the front cloud like a hand reaching across the vast blue....

    Happy days

  3. Hi Kerrie: Id love to do some cycling in tassie sometime. I like the towns o the route you descibe. Yes, retire here absolutely! Better buy land soon, as its getting increasingly expensive. You mainlanders are pricing the locals out of the market!